Cold Appetizers
Assorted Special Sushi
Assortment of meat cold cuts
Smoked fish assortment plate
Russian pickled vegetables
Pickled mushrooms
Schmaltz herring
Special Lido Vinegret
Arugula salad
Avocado salad in shell
Kany Salad
Steak salad (beef steak strips, lettuce, cucumber, red onion)
Tuna sesame
Organic Fresh Salad

Hot entrees
Potatoes with mushrooms
Blintzes w/Caviar
Baby salmon with seafood served with rice
Baby lamb chop
Russian pirogue w/meat and spinach
NY Steak – Special cut –  w/ stick potatoes
Baby chicken Shish kebab

House napoleon & Tiramisu. Ice cream. Fruit plate

Cranberry Juice, Mineral water, coca-cola